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Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Condition

  • SHOP from your selected US online store.

  • SHIP to this address:
    USA - PH Direct
    400 Victory Blvd. Suite C
    Staten Island, NY 10301
    Tel +1 (646) 465-3650

  • SIGN UP / LOG IN on this site and fill-in SHOP ONLINE form, submit description of item/s and TRACKING NUMBER,
    once available from the online store.

  • GET YOUR PACKAGE from our Quezon City office or, HAVE IT DELIVERED right at your doorstep.

  • SEND your parcels via your local courier or post office/USPS, (choose service with TRACKING NUMBER) using this address.
    USA-PH Direct
    400 Victory Blvd. Suite C
    Staten Island, NY 10301
    Tel +1 (646) 465-3650

  • SHIP to this address:
    USA - PH Direct
    400 Victory Blvd. Suite C
    Staten Island, NY 10301
    Tel +1 (646) 465-3650

  • SIGN UP / LOG IN on this site, fill-in SEND PARCELS form to submit your package details, including POSTAL TRACKING NUMBER.

  • PAY to USA-RP Direct LLC via your bank’s pay feature or Paypal Account : . Once payment is settled, your package will be sent out on the next available flight schedule.

  • YOUR RECIPIENT will be notified when package is ready for pick up or delivery.
    Packages can be picked up from:

    USA Direct PHL Office
    Unit B1 ABD Bldg., 64 Kamuning Rd.,
    Quezon City, Philippines

    ‎+63(2) 8234-9348
    +63 (0917) 885-8086

    For both pick-up and delivery, we require recipients to present two (2) government-issued IDs with photo. Only government-issued IDs (except postal IDs) will be accepted. If a representative will pick up the package, an authorization letter is required, plus valid IDs of recipient and the person authorized to pick up.

As soon as your package arrives, it will be sent out on the next available flight to the Philippines.
Flights are every Tuesday and Friday.

  • All packages received Friday-Monday (cut-off: 12nn) will be shipped out on the TUESDAY flight.

  • All packages received Tuesday-Thursday (cut-off: 12nn) will be shipped out on the FRIDAY flight.

Transit time to Manila is 5 to 7 working days.

If you have purchased more than one item from one or different online stores,
we can consolidate and send your packages together in one flight.

Request for consolidation must be submitted through our site before the packages are delivered to our NY office.

All packages for consolidation received from Friday to Thursday will be shipped out on the FRIDAY
flight (cut-off is at 12nn, one day before the flight).

Please note that consolidation does not mean unpacking each parcel then gathering them all in one big box. Packages will be sent out “as is”. If there are no instructions to consolidate packages, each one will be shipped out as received on the earliest available flight schedule.

  • Register now and get 25% off on your next package

  • Only applies to new registrants

  • Discount only applies to a maximum of 5 lbs.

  • Sample Breakdown of Chargers (Personal Effects: 2lbs., 2 packages consolidated, for pickup)

$13.98 - basic charge (2 lbs. x $6.99) : 25% OFF WILL BE APPLIED HERE
+$5.00 handling fee

Refer a friend, get $5 off on your next transaction

  • Refer as many friends as you want and claim $5 discount on your next transaction once your friend avails of our service.

  • Only $5 discount applies for every transaction.

We’ve made cardless shopping possible for through our Cardless Service.

Just sign up / log in to enter the online link/s (URL) of the item/s you wish to purchase on our CARDLESS SHOPPING form.

A Purchase Order will be emailed for your review and approval. After we receive payment,we will proceed to purchase your item/s

Please note that corresponding service charge will be added to your bill as follows

  • $4.00 for items worth $100 and below

  • 4% of the total amount purchased for items worth over $100


  • Once approved, your order is considered final.

  • Orders will only be processed upon full payment.

  • The quoted purchase rate does not include international charges, handling fees, shipping charges, all of which shall be paid through bank transfer/deposit or upon pick up of your purchase/s. A 12% VAT will be added to total shipping charges.

    For packages received effective: Apr. 8, 2022:

    $6.79/lb.- personal effects (min. of 2 lbs/ package; min. of 1 lb. succeeding packages)

    $6.99/lb. - Electronics*/Commercial* (min. 2 lbs/ package; min. 3lbs over $50)

  • Air Freight charges before Feb. 1, 2022:
    $6.79/lb (personal effects) – minimum 2 lbs/package / 1 lb for succeeding packages

  • $6.99/lb Electronics*/Commercial* - minimum 2 lbs/package

  • *Additional surcharge may apply

  • Provincial Delivery - Actual LBC Delivery Charge (Applies to major cities)

  • Handling fee/shipment: $5.00

  • Shipping charges for "Special handling" items will be on a case to case basis depending on description of item, size, quantity and value of goods.

  • Chargeable weight will be based on the volume of the package and not the actual weight should the dimensions be bulky and not proportionate to the weight.

  • Excluding 12% VAT

Freight charges can be paid in U.S. Dollars or its equivalent in Philippine pesos, based on the day's exchange rate, via bank transfer/deposit or in cash when package is picked up.

PAY to USA-RP Direct, LLC either through;
a. Your bank’s Pay Bill feature (which is usually free)
b. PaypalTM with a fee of 3.5%
   *PaypalTM – only for USA customers with USA account
   *Paypal Account :
c. Pay using Zelle Pay

Once payment is settled, we will send your package on the next available flight. We fly parcels out on Tuesdays and Fridays

Provincial Delivery - Actual LBC Delivery Charge (Applies to major cities)

Packages are insured for $3.00/lb. up to $100.00 for total loss. This settlement includes freight reimbursement and the cost of your packages

If you require more coverage, additional insurance may be purchased at 5% of the insured amount up to Manila. Additional insurance from Manila - Provincial Destination is $2.00 per $100 value.

We require recipients to present two (2) government-issued IDs with photo for pick up and delivery. Only government-issued IDs (except postal IDs) will be accepted.

Always include a detailed description of each item including the value of goods, as required via AES reporting (Automated Export System), Philippine Customs and US Homeland Security Agency to facilitate the shipping process and ensure the security of your package as required.

You may send your item details through this site. Please SIGN UP / LOG IN and fill in your item/s details as soon as you receive the track number of your package.

USA Direct PHL abides by the customs security inspection procedures of the Philippines and United States.

We STRICTLY PROHIBIT shipment of weapons such as:

  • Knives;

  • Guns/ammunitions, their parts and accessories (even with legal permits) or replicas, toy guns or any item shaped like a gun or ammunition;

  • Any flammable goods and hazardous materials including flammable gas, organic peroxide, oxidizer, toxic materials (pesticides, alike materials), aerosols (spray paint, hair spray), matches, firecrackers;

  • Contraband and illegal drugs;

  • Radioactive elements, infectious substance, corrosive materials, precious metals (gold, silver, etc.);

  • Any kind of currency (paper bills, coins);

  • Pornographic materials.

Anyone caught shipping any of these will face legal charges stipulated in Philippine and U.S. laws.

USA Direct PHL will hold your package for a maximum of 90 days. Unclaimed packages after this period of time will be forfeited.